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We are currently accepting new patients.  

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Here is what you can expect at your new patient appointment:

1.Full set of xrays - These may include a panoramic xray.  If you have recent xrays, please mention this to the receptionist when you make your appointment and arrange to have these mailed/emailed to us.

2.Full set of photographs - These are obtained in order to capture a baseline appearance of your teeth, and your bite.  Any issues that may be present will be magnified and visible to you.

3.Oral cancer screened - A full exam of the soft tissues of the oral cavity and surrounding extraoral skin, as well as lymph nodes

4.Comprehensive periodontal exam - checking the health of your gums and bone surrounding your teeth.  This exam will determine what kind of cleaning is most appropriate for you.

5.Comprehensive dental exam - Evaluation of your dentition in conjunction with your x-rays.

6.Hygiene - Your cleaning will take place at this visit.  You may require additional visits to complete your cleaning depending on the results of your periodontal exam.

 *Please allow at least 1.5 hours for this initial appointment.   There are 8 forms that need to be filled out for this visit.  These are available to you at the time of your visit or on the website below the new patient tab.

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