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Smile Gallery

This patient had a tooth chip after falling. The broken fragment was repaired using cosmetic bonding. No anesthesia was necessary for this procedure.
This patient has worn off her front teeth by biting into hard objects and grinding her teeth.  Bonding to lengthen the teeth was completed with no anesthesia.
  This patient wanted to close the gap she had between her teeth her entire life.  The gap was closed using cosmetic bonding with no anesthesia.



This patient's old crown had become defective over the year.  It was replaced with a new all porcelain crown.  The shade was matched by the local lab we use to make the tooth indistinguishable from it's neighbor.

This patient fell and broke his two front teeth.  Because of the extent of the fractures full crowns had to be done to replace the missing tooth structure.

This patient came in because he was missing a front tooth and his other front teeth had extensive broken down restorations.  He was treated with 3 porcelain crowns and an implant to replace the missing tooth.


This patient Had to have her front tooth removed because of a fracture.  She was treated with an implant that was restored with a custom abutment and lifelike porcelain crown.