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Bone Grafting


We do everything we can to try and save teeth.  Sometimes, however, a tooth has to be removed.  The first step in tooth replacement is bone grafting.  When a tooth is removed the space it occupied in the bone is filled using the bone graft.  This prevents the area from healing with a defect.


There are many types of bone graft material that can be used.  These range from the patient's own bone, to cadaver bone, animal bone and even synthetic materials.  The best bone to use is the patient's own.  Of course, this has some limitation as it often requires additional surgery.  At our office we use processed cadaver bone from certified tissue banks.  It has been found to be almost as effective as the patient's own bone.  We will often draw your blood at the beginning of the procedure and spin it in a special centrifuge.  This separates the blood cells from the platelets.  The platelet layer contains clotting factors an growth factors.  It's a concentrated cocktail of all the things that help the body heal.  We mix this with the bone to greatly enhance healing.

We proudly offer dental implants at our convenient location in Washington, DC. Quality dental implant restorations provided by Dentist Modern Dentistry and staff at our beautiful DC office.